Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Your expert for harsh environmental conditions better than the norm

Call on your experts for harsh environmental conditions!

Fronius Selectiva battery charging systems are known among experts for their reliable operation and long service life, even under the most extreme environmental conditions. Our chargers are ideal for these harsh environmental conditions. The reasons for this are high-quality manufacturing, customised accessories and well thought-out device properties.


Fronius Selectiva battery charging systems can be adapted to any environmental condition.

Reliability means cost savings

High quality processing means less maintenance is required!

Device properties

Well thought-out device properties create customised solutions.

Battery charging systems often need to be installed in harsh environmental conditions. Dust, dirt and moisture, poor or fluctuating power supply, long periods of use and little to no breaks: There are many factors that can make the life of a battery charging system difficult. And this is where the wheat is truly separated from the chaff, since only high-quality systems designed for use under adverse conditions will operate reliably in this type of environment, making them cost-effective in the long-term. Unsuitable battery charging technology results in high maintenance and unnecessary costs for frequent new purchases.

For example, battery charging systems in airports must be able to handle specific conditions. High performance in extreme temperatures, ideally around the clock. If a forklift truck fails, it can quickly bring about unwanted knock-on effects. So sufficient battery capacity must be available for two or three shift operation.

Stringent test process and individual solutions for harsh environmental conditions

Every Selectiva battery charging system has to undergo an extensive and stringent test process to ensure it can handle future challenges. Our special testing methods ensure that every Fronius product meets the highest quality standards, is free from defects and continues to withstand tough conditions. This is how we achieve a service life of up to 20 years, even in harsh environmental conditions such as dirt, an inconsistent grid or long periods of use.

New, individual solutions are continually being developed within the framework of these quality tests, to meet all requirements. 

The Selectiva chargers feature a sophisticated ventilation system. The air flow for cooling the electronics is guided through the battery charging system via an air duct. In addition, each PC board in a Fronius device has a protective coating, which protects the electronics from dust, dirt and oxidation. An optional dust filter provides additional protection in environments with high levels of air pollution.