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Perfect Charging


Ranshofen, Austria
AMAG Austria Metall GmbH, Austria’s largest aluminium smelter, uses more than 150 electrically powered forklift trucks to handle the internal flow of ma-terials at its production site in Ranshofen. The largest trucks have a load capa-city of twelve tonnes, which enables them to transport the huge aluminium plates. To avoid long downtimes, forklift trucks and tractor units in particular are equipped with back-up batteries.
Charging of the numerous traction batteries and the associated electricity consumption represents a considerable cost factor for AMAG. To reduce the amount of electricity used by the fleet and comply with the latest energy ef-ficiency legislation, the company opted for innovative battery charging sys-tems from Fronius. With a total efficiency of up to 84 percent, the chargers from the latest generation of Selectiva battery charging systems are conside-rably more efficient than conventional solutions and their gentle charging process also extends the service life of the expensive traction batteries.

AMAG invested in a photovoltaic system with four Fronius inverters back in 2013 with the aim of supplying its intralogistics operation with low cost, sus-tainable levels of electricity. The combination of the two technologies has re-sulted in considerable savings for the company. At the same time it ensures that the forklift trucks are always available, even when working under such difficult conditions.
Customer information
Company name AMAG Austria Metall GmbH
Location an country Ranshofen, Austria
Sector Metal & steel industry
Forklift truck brands Linde, Still, Toyota, Kalmax, Hubtex
Battery brand Banner
Fronius Portfolio Batterieladegeräte Selectiva
Accessories None

Dr. Florian Stadler

„Our long-term goal is a carbon-neutral flow of materials. The Fronius devices offer the most advanced technology on the market and are an important factor as far as compliance with the stringent energy efficiency legislation is concerned.“

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