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Perfect Charging

Behrens-Wöhlk GmbH & Co. KG

3/2/2021 / Drensteinfurt, Germany
With a total of 14 sites, the Behrens Group is one of the leading wholesalers of wood and construction elements in Germany. The Group operates 115 forklift trucks, for example, in the central warehouse of BERO Holzhandelsgesellschaft mbH in Drensteinfurt near Münster: 16 electric lateral stacking trucks and special equipment are used here for picking in order to transport goods (sometimes weighing tonnes) reliably and efficiently from the goods-in area into the warehouse and then on for dispatch.
Electric lateral stacking trucks and special devices transport goods (sometimes weighing tons) reliably and efficiently from goods in into the warehouse and then for dispatch.
The trucks draw their energy from lead-acid batteries, and many of them have back-up batteries due to long operating times. However, the high-frequency (HF) battery chargers used in the past led to major problems. Load peaks, which occurred during simultaneous charging of the trucks, caused severe frequency interference in the grid, and consequently the IT system would regularly crash. The result was significant operational restrictions and unnecessary costs.
Fronius was able to solve this problem with its Selectiva battery chargers and the energy-efficient and stable Ri charging process. Even during the testing phase the interference was reduced significantly. The devices enable more steady distribution of the energy demand throughout the entire charging period. The calendar function can also be used to set charging to start at a defined time. The electricity for the fleet will soon come from the company's own roof – supplied by a photovoltaic system with Fronius inverters.
Company name
Behrens-Wöhlk GmbH & Co. KG
Location and country Drensteinfurt, Germany
Sector Construction, building materials & wood industry
Forklift truck brand Linde, Bulmor etc.
Battery brand Various
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems
Accessories LED strips

Andreas Jedamzik, fleet manager at the Behrens Group: “The intelligent solution from a single source, which we can use to save costs and reduce our ecological footprint at the same time, has thoroughly impressed us.”

» The Fronius devices have really impressed us in every respect, so much that we are now only using these devices at all our sites. «

Andreas Jedamzik, fleet manager at the Behrens Group