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Perfect Charging

CJ Lang and Son Ltd

3/9/2021 / Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
CJ Lang and Son Ltd store and deliver all the everyday items its customers could need. Part of the SPAR UK network, they service over 100 of their own retail stores as well as over 250 independent stores across Scotland and the islands from their 180,000 sq. ft. multi-temperature distribution centre in Dundee.

Having recently replaced their whole fleet of manual handling equipment to more modern equipment and technology, they found that their existing battery charging infrastructure, a mixture of older 50 Hz and High Frequency (HF) technology, was inadequate and inefficient for their latest MHE fleet. The existing battery chargers were also very large and needed a lot of space within their distribution centre.

CJ Lang and Son Ltd already have an established sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme so they were also looking for a battery charging solution that would fit these programmes in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and the impact on the environment as well as reductions in their energy usage and costs.

50 Hz and HF battery chargers have a very high level of energy loss when in use and are typically large in size, taking up valuable space in a warehouse. Batteries can often have problems working efficiently in low and freezing temperature zones, meaning CJ Lang and Son Ltd needed to use secondary back-up batteries which adds further costs to the operation. 

CJ Lang and Son Ltd found a like-minded partner for this project in Fronius: the energy-efficient and battery-friendly Selectiva 4.0 battery charging systems extend the service life of batteries and reduce energy consumption – resulting in lower operating costs and more sustainable intralogistics. The “temperature-controlled charging” feature, which adapts the charging voltage to the temperature of the connected battery, is especially useful. Fronius also supported CJ Lang and Son Ltd in the planning, analysis and project design stages and ensured that servicing and installation ran smoothly, including compliance with all relevant safety aspects.

Having installed 37 Selectiva 4.0 battery chargers, CJ Lang and Son Ltd expect to reduce their CO2 emissions by 265,000 kg and reduce their energy costs and associated battery top up costs by around £100,000 in the next five years.

Customer information
Company name
CJ Lang and Son Ltd
Location and country Dundee, Scotland
Sector Retail
Forklift truck brand BT/Toyota
Battery brand Hawker Enersys, GNB
Fronius portfolio Fronius Selectiva 4.0

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» I liked how Fronius’ charging concept aligned to our MHE replacement strategy & CSR programme. The energy efficiency and emissions reductions benefits were the main reasons for choosing the product alongside the quality of manufacturing and design. Our experience of dealing with Fronius was very good, I would recommend them and so far we are very pleased with the support and the product «

Colin Chapman, Distribution Director at CJ Lang and Son Ltd

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