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Perfect Charging


Sattledt, Austria
Based in the Austrian town of Seekirchen, Frigologo GmbH is one of the largest full-service providers of temperature-controlled food logistics solutions in central and eastern Europe. In 2015, the company opened a new logistics centre in Sattledt, Upper Austria. Offering 10,300 m2 of warehouse space spread across four temperature zones, the building houses finished and packaged products for the retail industry. A continuous, monitored and documented cold chain is essential.
Frigologo relies on more than 100 battery-powered forklift trucks for a seamless flow of goods and materials, yet temperatures as low as -24 degrees Celsius pose huge challenges to this important fleet. In order to charge the traction batteries safely, reliably and efficiently under these extreme conditions, Frigologo uses innovative technology from Fronius. Battery charging systems from the Selectiva range are fitted with a temperature-controlled charging feature for use in cold environments, whereby the battery charging system records the temperature inside the battery and adapts the final charging voltage accordingly. This improves performance and extends the service life.

Thanks to the new Ri charging process, the devices are also highly energy efficient and kind to the batteries, allowing Frigologo to make considerable savings on operating costs. The technology also helps the logistics service provider to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals.
Customer information
Company name
Frigologo Kühllogistik GmbH
Location and country Sattledt, Austria
Sector Logistics
Forklift truck brand Jungheinrich, Crown
Battery brand Hawker Enersys
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems
Accessories None

Günther Kisslinger, Managing Director

“We would opt for Fronius every time. The reliability of the devices under the most extreme conditions coupled with straightforward operation is extremely impressive.”

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