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Perfect Charging


12/1/2019 / Gossau, Switzerland
JOWA AG, based in Volketswil in the Canton of Zürich, is the leading Swiss bakery supplying bread, cakes, pastries and pasta products to all Migros stores, as well as many other businesses and catering facilities. These are made in eleven regional bakeries – such as Gossau, a suburb of St. Gallen. A fleet of nine electric forklift trucks ensures the fast and emission-free transport of goods.

Until recently, JOWA relied on 50 Hz chargers as the power supply for their lead-acid batteries. These simply rested on the hall floor and took up much valuable space. With traction batteries weighing almost 400 kilos, changing them not only took a vast amount of effort, but there was also a considerable safety risk involved. The technology also had clear weaknesses in terms of energy efficiency and battery service life.  

Fronius provided JOWA with a compact charging station with eight Selectiva 2kW devices. These are mounted on a stand to save space. Thanks to the height-adjustable transfer trolley, changing a battery has never been easier. The Ri charging process reduces energy consumption when charging by up to 30% and extends battery life. The Cool Battery Guide Easy information and management system uses an LED strip to guide employees intuitively to the battery that has been charged the longest – this optimises pool utilisation and reduces operating costs.
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Gossau, Switzerland
Food and Beverage
Forklift truck brand
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Fronius Portfolio Selectiva

Cool Battery Guide Easy

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» “The station has really simplified things for our employees. Changing a battery is far easier, quicker and safer than ever before.” «

Daniel Lendi, Supply Manager at JOWA

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