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Perfect Charging

Kras Recycling

6/28/2018 / Volendam and Almere, Netherlands
Dutch family-owned enterprise Kras Recycling is a specialist in sorting and reprocessing paper, cardboard, foils and plastics. Its workforce of over 100 people sort the material before it is shredded into pellets by a machine and packed into bags. Kras Recycling uses electrically operated forklift trucks for internal transportation purposes.
Kras Recycling charging electric forklift truck with Selectiva battery charger
Before the energy efficiency regulations came into force, the company was mainly operating diesel forklift trucks. Back in 2014, they switched to a primarily electric fleet at their sites in Volendam, Amsterdam and Almere and have been using Fronius charging technology ever since. The restricted space posed a major challenge when it came to planning the switchover from diesel to electric. In Volendam, Kras Recycling therefore decided to install the chargers at a height of over two metres. In Almere the company set up a large shipping container in the yard, where five Selectiva chargers are now housed.  

The construction of such a charging station was originally made possible by the Fronius Selectiva battery charging systems. They are small, compact and equipped with an external start-stop mechanism. This means that employees can easily plug and unplug the batteries. The pilot contact in the charging plug prevents sparking. This means that the risk of explosion, caused by the oxyhydrogen emitted during charging, is practically eliminated. The charger also uses the Ri charging process, which is dependent on the age, temperature and condition of the battery. It reduces oxyhydrogen and energy loss.
Customer information
Company name
Kras Recycling
Location and country Volendam and Almere, the Netherlands
Sector Recycling
Forklift truck brand Linde
Battery brand TAB
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems
Accessories External Start/Stop

Marco Kras

“With these devices, we have been able toobtain considerable savings in terms of electricity consumption and our carbonfootprint – an important step for the continued optimisation of our energyefficiency. What is more, the Fronius charging technology functions flawlessly.There have been no problems or defects so far, and we can rely on the highavailability of our forklift truck fleet at all times.”

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