Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging


Mattighofen/Munderfing, Germany
The renowned motorcycle manufacturer KTM leases over 70 electrically-powered forklift trucks at both its Austrian sites in Mattighofen and Munderfing: from low and high platform order picking trucks to reach trucks and tractor units, as well as counterbalance trucks with three wheels. The full-service contracts not only include all the vehicles, but also the batteries and battery charging systems.
For more than a decade now, the company has been placing its faith in battery charging systems from the Fronius Selectiva range to charge its traction batteries. With the intelligent “Active Inverter Technology” and an efficiency level of up to 96 percent, these enable KTM to cut its energy costs by roughly one third compared to conventional technology. In addition, this leads to an enormous space and weight saving, as the compact inverter devices are up to 70 percent smaller than the models using 50 Hz transformer technology and their large transformers. The devices can be effortlessly mounted on the wall.

Moreover, the constant charging current and voltage ensure an optimum charge. The Selectiva devices are supplied with de-energised charging leads, thermal overload protection and a safety cut-out as standard. They are electronically safe and minimise the risk of oxyhydrogen explosions. KTM is thus able to rely on battery charging systems that are extremely energy efficient, 100 percent safe and are available around the clock.
Customer information
Company name
KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH
Location and country Mattighofen/Munderfing, Austria
Sector Vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories
Forklift truck brand Toyota
Battery brand GNB Exide
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems
Accessories Wall bracket


Günther Baumann, Head Of Purchase Non Production Material 

“It is particularly important for us that the forklift trucks and battery charging systems are always available. We have only experienced the best from Fronius in this respect.”

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