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Perfect Charging

Ottakringer Brewery

8/27/2018 / Vienna

Viennese brewery Ottakringer is one the few remaining large independent breweries in Austria. Today, the family business employs around 150 people and generates a yearly turnover of EUR 81 million. Each year, more than 540,000 hectolitres of beer leave the brewery’s tanks, with the vast majority being decanted into cans. In terms of intralogistics, twelve electric forklift trucks from the manufacturer Still are deployed. 

Fronius Selectiva at Ottakringer Brewery

Several decentralised stations have been installed to charge the trucks’ batteries, including an array of battery charging systems that use a variety of technologies. Since Ottakringer had previously had good experiences with Fronius – the company equipped its subsidiary, Trinkservice GmbH, with Fronius chargers in Summer 2015 – it was an easy decision to also use charging stations in the brewery, operated via a central station with new chargers. Fronius not only used its expertise with charging technology here, it also helped to select the site and install the equipment in line with the relevant standards.

The station was designed by Fronius who then supplied 12 Selectiva battery charging systems including charging module 2000 and charging racks in Autumn 2017. The chargers impress on a technological level thanks to the Ri charging process. This is a gentle charging process where the charging characteristics are individually calculated for different batteries; this prevents overcharging, and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. An external start/stop option is also available for increased safety: this function reliably prevents sparks from forming if a worker interrupts the charging process and pulls the plug. Fronius also helped find the right site with a view to achieving maximum safety, while ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations. The new station consequently had no problems attaining TÜV certification.

Customer information
Company name
Ottakringer Brauerei
Location and country Vienna, Austria
Sector Drinks industry
Forklift truck brand Still
Battery brand Hawker Enersys
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems

Charging Module 2000
Charging Rack Basic
External Start/Stop

Lukas Gröbl

“Fronius won us over across the board. Not only with their charging technology, but also with their expertise in terms of the safety rules pertaining to the charging stations.”

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