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Perfect Charging

Quehenberger Logistics

As a member of the Augustin Quehenberger Group, the long-standing company has a comprehensive international network and is mainly active in central and eastern Europe. The Enns site is an important hub for the company. It is mainly responsible for the transport logistics of several food, chemist and textile retailers and supplies their branches throughout Austria and abroad.

A total of 1,200 items leave the transhipment warehouse every day, which translates into a lot of hard work on the intralogistics front. In order to ensure the continuous availability of its 20 electrically-powered forklift trucks, Quehenberger has opted for innovative battery charging technology from Fronius. The Selectiva devices with the innovative Ri charging process charge each battery extremely gently and efficiently according to a unique characteristic. This cuts energy consumption by up to 30 percent, thus reducing the operating costs and CO2 emissions, greatly extending the service life of the batteries and ensuring a high level of availability.

Fronius has also installed the Cool Battery Guide Easy information and management system, which optimises utilisation of the battery pool. By using Fronius technology, Quehenberger can improve its internal processes and dramatically reduce its operating costs.

Customer information
Company name
Quehenberger Logistics GmbH
Location and country Enns near Linz, Austria
Sector Transport & Logistics
Forklift truck brand Linde
Battery brand Hawker Enersys
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems, Cool Battery Guide Easy
Accessories Wall bracket, loading arm, Air Puls (electrolyte circulation system)

Thomas Putschögl, Head of Technical Operations

“Innovative charging technology from Fronius enables us to meet the high availability demands of our forklift truck fleet with ease. What’s more, we have also been able to make significant savings when it comes to operating costs and CO2 emissions.”