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Perfect Charging

Reishauer AG

10/1/2018 / Wallisellen, Switzerland
Reishauer AG is based in Wallisellen in the canton of Zurich. Since its foundation in 1788, the company has developed into one of the leading providers of gear grinding machines and now has a global workforce in excess of 700 people. In addition to generation grinding machines for the ultra-precise machining of the tooth traces of cogs following hardening, the family-owned company also designs and produces highly specialised grinding and dressing tools, test rigs, clamping systems and automation solutions, primarily for the automotive sector.
Fronius Perfect Charging outfitted the Charging Station of Reishauer AG with Selectiva Battery Charging Systems, Safety Modules and charging modules

In 2015, Reishauer decided to replace the obsolete charging stations used for its fleet of electrically powered forklift trucks and tractor units. Apart from considerable shortcomings in terms of safety and fire protection, there was a distinct lack of organisation and structure. The adoption of a professional approach towards the layout of charging rooms and stations is intended to minimise the accident risk posed by the corrosive acids contained within lead batteries and reduce the possibility of an explosion triggered by the oxyhydrogen produced during charging.

Reishauer entrusted the modernisation to Fronius. With the focus on safety and ease of use, and not forgetting the requirement to comply with all the existing standards and official regulations, the Fronius specialists developed a central charging station with five charging points. The new Selectiva chargers were secured in a fixed location where they cannot be damaged by the forklifts yet are still easy to operate. Automatic cable retraction systems pull the charging cable back as soon as it is no longer needed. The modules also provide enough space for the necessary safety equipment should an accident occur. The Fronius devices also feature the Ri charging process, which enables every charging process to use an individual characteristic that, amongst other things, assesses the age, capacity and state of charge of the connected battery. The automatic voltage detection facility featured in the devices provides a degree of flexibility that allows a variety of batteries to be charged.

Company name
Reishauer AG
Location and country Wallisellen, Switzerland
Sector Automotive component supplier
Forklift truck brand Linde, Toyota, Crown, Jungheinrich, BT
Battery brand Enppex, Enersys Hawker, Exide, Hoppecke
Fronius portfolio Selectiva battery charging systems
Accessories Charging Module 2000, Safety Modules

Oliver Ritter, head of logistics at Reishauer AG

“The station not only satisfies all ourrequirements, it also absolutely looks the part. All things considered, we’dhave no hesitation in opting for Fronius again in the future. It’s the overallpackage that hits the mark.”
Oliver Ritter, head of logistics at Reishauer AG

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