Ali Mahlodji visits Fronius


3/18/2019 / Sattledt

Last week, 260 employees were inspired by Ali Mahlodji's keynote "Try, Fail, Innovate, Kick Ass" at the Sattledt site: "It's not about being the best, it's about going on and trying again more than anyone else." With his personal background, he is a living proof that diversity and creativity are strongly intertwined and that mistakes can be an impulse for new ideas.

Ali Mahlodji visits Fronius with his keynote "Try, Fail, Innovate, Kick Ass"
Ali Mahlodji visits Fronius

It's all about people 

As whatchado founder, European youth ambassador and trend researcher, Ali Mahlodji holds up to 170 keynote speeches each year, in which he shows what is important in life, work and education. The focus is on people and their potential in a rapidly changing world.

Training is key

Fronius invited him as part of its internal education program, from which employees can select exciting training courses and keynotes. These training opportunities place a special focus on "New Work" and thus help to further develop employees' skills in order to better master future challenges in a dynamic environment.

Ali Mahlodji's key message in this sense: "Be the best version of yourself".