Corona Crisis - Information for business partners

Those responsible for purchasing and supply chain management are not only responsible for securing supply and maintaining the company's ability to deliver, but also for acting as early warning indicators and crisismanagers within the company and in the economy as a whole. The formation of a Corona Task Force in Purchasing is a requirement of corporate risk management. Decisive bases for further measures of the companies - beyond the crisis mode - depend strongly on resilient figures, which are often provided by purchasing.

Dear valued business partner!

The Austrian government, by taking measures at an early stage, was able to keep the spread curve as flat as possible and thus was able to maintain the health system. The development around the coronavirus in Austria can certainly be regarded as very positive - more people are recovering every day and the number of new infections has been at a stable low level for a long time. The worldwide development is also largely positive. Although there are still a few countries in lock-down, the worldwide production and supply chains are starting up again due to the gradual easing of restrictions in the countries.

Despite the fact that measures were taken early, Fronius is still faced with the effects on the company. Controlsystems have been installed along the entire supply chain, which, in conjunction with our internal riskmanagement system, helps to cushion the negative effects. Thanks to these mechanisms, it was possible toprevent major impacts. An intensification of relevant communication channels helps us to recognise bottlenecksat an early stage and to take them into account in factory management in cooperation with production planning,thus avoiding downtime as far as possible.

We are looking positively into the future and are confident that we will continue to master these challenging timeswell. Nevertheless, we continue to focus strongly on overcoming the situation. Our internal risk management system will continue to evaluate developments along our entire supply chain in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to any possible influences.Should global developments require an update of the information letter, we will of course make the necessaryupdates and inform you as early as possible.


Fronius International GmbH

ppa. Herbert Mühlböck

COO, Supply Chain Management