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Viessmann Belgium Spring 2023 GEN24-BYD-Applications, Belgium April/May 2023

Face-to-face training

5/12/2023 / Roeselare, Zaventem, Welkenraedt
Date fully booked

Roeselare 18 April & 19 April  

Zaventem 25 April  

Welkenraedt 27 April 

Roeselare 3 Mei & 4 Mei    

Welkenraedt 12 Mei 

Fronius inverters installation in Parsdorf


Date 5/12/2023
Address Belgium, Roeselare, Zaventem, Welkenraedt
Language English
Max. Attendees 150
Costs free of charge
Date fully booked


Your contact person

+43 7242 241 6022
+43 7242 241 6022 ci-genvavat@sebavhf.pbz

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