Solar.web Query API

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Solar.web Query API

Fronius Solar.web Query API The REST API for business owners

What is the Solar.web Query API? 

The Solar.web Query API (SWQAPI) is a programming interface (API – Application Programming Interface) that facilitates the simple, automated exchange of data between two applications. This enables the PV system data in Fronius Solar.web to be used not just to integrate new services into existing or new applications, but also to generate added value for end customers, e.g., integrating the inverter data into a Smarthome platform. 

  • The Solar.web Query API is REST API
  • Universal and easy to use
  • Simple integration of data into existing or new applications (monitoring and visualization applications such as Smarthome platform)
  • Ability to develop new services for end customers
  • Secure and reliable access to PV system data
  • No additional hardware required on-site
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» Solar Data is using the Fronius SWQ API to gather data from Fronius products and calculate important metrics for the state and efficiency of the PV plants, without the need of external data-loggers and on-site equipment. The API is well documented and SDKs for many programming languages can be generated automatically. It's suitable for batch or realtime querying. «

Damjan Postolovski, CTO, Solar Data Collector

What information can be queried via the REST API?

  • Information about the photovoltaic system and its associated devices (inverters, storage systems, electricity meters and more) 
  • Aggregated data
  • Historical data
  • Power flow data
  • Notifications and error messages
  • Weather data at PV system location 
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» Utilization of the Solar.web Query API allows a smooth and scalable integration of Fronius PV systems into our solar management platform. Fronius has provided excellent support in coordination of our data processing requirements. «

Leon Kraversky, Founder and CEO, Soltell Systems - Smarter Solar Management

Use cases & applications


The Solar.web Query API enables generation and consumption data from photovoltaic systems, buildings, and individual loads to be visualized in a variety of ways according to the application in question (end customer applications, applications for companies, and public displays). This is facilitated firstly by the wide spectrum of different types of data, such as the latest performance data, energy flows, or aggregated energy data at various time intervals, and secondly by the wide-ranging data integration options. 


Operation & Management (O&M)

Effective O&M processes are essential for reducing the risk and optimizing the ROI of large-scale PV systems. Integrating data into O&M processes can make a valuable contribution to the smooth operation of this extensive field of work within monitoring and performance optimization activities.


Asset Management

The commercial management of a PV system is constantly striving to generate optimum yield figures. One significant task involves the production of reports concerning the performance of a PV system for owners/investors. Data from the Solar.web Query API can be used to generate individual reports or be integrated into dashboards on which the latest or most recently available data are constantly being displayed. 


Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

The targeted use of data helps in the networking of individual decentralized units to create a virtual power plant. This enables the operators of such plants to present the data from individual nodes, such as producers or loads, in a central control system and to implement measures based on these data in a timely and efficient manner.


Find out more

You will find all the essential information you need for implementing the Solar.web Query API and some helpful application examples in the interface documentation.
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