Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

High Performance Welding with Greater Efficiency

Produkter og løsninger

The Fronius TPS/i TWIN tandem welding series is now even more versatile. As well as steel, aluminum, nickel-base alloys, and high-strength steels can now also be joined in a tandem welding process at fast speed and with an extremely high deposition rate. The new welding systems boast stable penetration, and their countless smart functions and robot assistance systems help our customers to automate their production process as efficiently as possible.

Two New Versatile Powerhouses

The TPS/i TWIN PushPull solution is used in vehicle and railway vehicle construction and uses the PMC process (Pulse Multi Control) to weld aluminum profiles or pressure containers. In addition to the PMC process, the new TPS/i CMT TWIN system also has the CMT process (Cold Metal Transfer). The controlled heat input in this process is ideally suited for thin sheet applications. 

Perfect Seam Quality with High-Speed and High Deposition Rate

With a deposition rate of up to 25 kilograms per hour and a speed of up to 4 meters per minute, our TPS/i TWIN systems deliver top performance. Despite this speed, a flawless finish is achieved with reliable penetration quality and no weld porosity. This reduces both the number of layers required and the production time. 

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