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Solar Energy
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Charge my electric car where and when I want to

Gernot Gugerbauer is certain: the future lies in electric mobility. So when it came time for the family to buy a new car, it was clear that it had to be an electric car. "We decided on electric mobility because it simply makes sense. It makes ecological sense and it makes economic sense. We did the maths. It's not just a good feeling that you're doing something for the environment."

Gernot Gugerbauer uses the electric car every day to commute 50 km to work and is enthusiastic about the advantages that electric mobility brings. Thanks to the existing photovoltaic system on the roof of the family home, the electric car can be charged with the family's own electricity. This is not only the most sustainable way for the family to fill up, but also the cheapest.

The electric car is charged with the Fronius Wattpilot Go . With this charging solution, the family is particularly independent and can charge their electric car wherever and whenever they want, whether at home or visiting relatives.

More about the Fronius Wattpilot

Charge cheaply and environmentally friendly with a variable electricity tariff

The Wattpilot is the intelligent charging solution for electric car owners and charges the vehicle at the most favourable conditions.

"If we were to charge the car normally from the socket with the normal electricity tariff, we would already save ourselves a third of the fuel costs. Now that we have a Fronius Wattpilot, which automatically selects the cheapest electricity tariff from the grid, and we have a PV system that the Wattpilot can communicate with, we save about half the fuel costs of a car with an internal combustion engine.”

» Why we chose the Fronius Wattpilot Go is quite simple. It is mobile, which is very important to us. You can take it with you anywhere. So I can charge my electric car where and when I want. «


What does the cheapest electricity tariff from the grid mean? Gernot Gugerbauer lives with his family in Austria and has opted for a variable electricity tariff. The Fronius Wattpilot can adapt to the electricity tariff and charge the car at times when the tariff is cheapest. The variable electricity tariffs are based on the stock market prices.*

And since the family also combines the electric car with their PV system, they benefit twice. The electric car increases the self-consumption of their photovoltaic system, which means that the system pays for itself more quickly. And since refuelling is now much cheaper, the cost of the electric car is also paid off more quickly.

* Connection to variable electricity tariffs is available in Austria and Germany. Other countries will follow.

Perfect combination: photovoltaic system & electric car

With the Fronius Wattpilot, the PV surplus can be used optimally. This makes your PV system and your electric car an unbeatable team.

More about e-mobility & photovoltaics


System data

  • PV system with 5 kWp
  • inverter: Fronius Symo
  • Fronius Smart Meter
  • Electric car charger: Wattpilot Go 11 kW 

Charge at home or on the road

The Fronius Wattpilot is available as a permanently mounted Wattpilot Home or as a mobile Wattpilot Go. This makes electric car owners particularly independent and allows them to charge their car where it best suits their lifestyle. With the Solar.wattpilot app, the device is very easy to operate and provides information about the current charge or the different charging modes at the same time.

Simply download and get started!

Different charging modes for more flexibility

When charging the electric car, you can choose between two different charging modes. In Eco Mode, the car is charged at the cheapest electricity, either with PV surplus from the own PV system and/or at the cheapest times of the variable electricity tariff. Next Trip Mode is available to charge the desired amount of energy for defined routes. Here, you can enter the exact route and the departure time of the next trip via the app.

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