Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

On the path to the perfect seam Carriages for Automated Welding Processes

In order to achieve consistently high seam quality over long distances, many metal-processing companies use welding carriages. These automated tools ensure consistently good and repeatable results, and are therefore an important factor in increasing competitiveness. Fronius users can choose between carriages with rails or four-wheel drive, so they are ideally equipped for almost all longitudinal and orbital welding tasks.

Welding carriages maintain a constant welding speed and guide the torch with high precision, thus ensuring the component has a high seam quality along the entire welding path. Users can also save various welding parameters and access pre-programmed characteristics, ensuring repeatable results. The carriages are suitable for both manual and machine torches. With the FlexTrack 45 Pro and the ArcRover range, Fronius offers two carriages that impress in a wide range of applications thanks to their design.


In the FlexTrack 45 Pro, Fronius has developed a compact carriage that ensures high-quality weld seams on a range of different rail types. Not only can it be used for vertical and horizontal weld seams but, in combination with its flexible rails, it is also suitable for flat and curved components, e.g. for internal pipe welds. Specifically for orbital welding applications, the FlexTrack carriage can also be combined with pre-assembled ring segments, which cover defined radii of 254 to 1778 millimeters. The component and the track are connected via magnetic or vacuum bridges, or bridges with adjustable feet.

The FlexTrack 45 Pro is operated using the FRC-45 Pro remote control. In addition to the welding and oscillation mode, users can load, edit, and save parameters such as travel speed and direction or oscillation speed via a numerical touch display. It is also possible to carry out remote maintenance and system analysis via the internet in conjunction with the TPS/i power source. Turn-and-click buttons mean inadvertent entries are almost entirely eliminated. In combination with the TPS/i, the user has a system that guarantees more consistent droplet detachment with reduced welding spatter in the dip transfer arc thanks to the integrated LSC (Low Spatter Control) advanced module.


Fronius developed the ArcRover specifically for the longitudinal seam welding of magnetic materials. The welding carriage impresses both in horizontal and vertical applications thanks to its four-wheel drive and magnets integrated into the base, which are more powerful than those used in previous models. A rapid-charging lithium-ion battery provides the ArcRover with its power, allowing flexible use of the system over extended periods. Lateral, reinforced guide rails with sensing rollers accurately guide the magnetic carriage along the welding path. The ArcRover also differs from the FlexTrack with a control unit, including display, that is integrated into the carriage. The reduced axle distance means it can be used on smaller workpieces thereby increasing the range of possible applications. Users can also perform MAG welding processes in different positions using the ArcRover; thanks to the robust housing this can even be done in difficult conditions on construction sites.

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