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Perfect Welding


A successful design adds value to a product, since intuitive operation is only possible if the function and design are considered as a whole.

Visibly high quality also encourages users to identify with the product. The external appearance should instill emotion, capture the user’s imagination, and bring them joy when using the product. At Fronius, the Product Design team – part of the Research and Development department – focuses on product design, interface design, and design-driven innovation.

Design plays an essential role at Fronius. Brand recognition and subconscious reminders of the quality the products exhibit and the values the company stands for are extremely important. The user’s needs play a significant role here and the customer’s requirements are incorporated into the ongoing development process.


In the 1980s, a new era dawned in welding technology. The “digital revolution” had to be made visible.

In 2008, Fronius heralded the start of a new design era with the TransSteel. The goal was to design an extremely functional yet ergonomic product that captured the zeitgeist of the time. The result is reflected in numerous awards.

Fronius added a dedicated product designer to the team for the first time in 2013: “Design has a subconscious effect and strikes a balance between excitement and order, or in other words, the new and the traditional,” he explains. “Our objective is to develop and maintain a recognizable design language for all Fronius products.”

What is the design process ?

  • At Fronius, products are designed in collaboration with the user
  • Market observation takes place in parallel to surveys
  • Fronius creates initial concepts, which are aligned to the user requirements
  • The resulting designs are tested by users
  • Design is incorporated into product development

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