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Perfect Welding

Special offer for Fronius customer!

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Fronius in the Business Unit Perfect Welding have been developing welding technologies and system solutions for arc welding.  Whether you prefer MIG, TIG or Stick welding - Fronius offers a versatile variety of high quality welding machines.
During the welding process, welding fumes are a mixture of gases and small particles, which are inhaled through the mouth and nose and may penetrate deep into the lungs. These come from the processed material itself, from the filler metals or from surfaces such as paints and coatings. They may, among other things, cause breathing difficulties or alter the genetic material so that diseases arise.  

Working in the metalworking industry without preventive measures is very dangerous, the polluted indoor air has a negative effect on the health and productivity of employees.   

Plymovent is the leading supplier of welding fume capture and treatment can offer solutions, from at source extraction to more general ventilation.

Special offer for Fronius customers only

From Now till the end of February 2021 Plymovent offers a 15% discount on the mobile units for Fronius customers only. If you order in our webshop, enter frs15 at the checkout.   

Plymovent’s mobile filter units are designed to remove welding fumes on-site in confined spaces and spaces that are difficult to reach by fixed welding fume extraction systems, for example in the middle of a workshop or reversely, in an outer corner of a facility. Due the four wheels of which two swivel casters, to facilitate easy movement.    

The mobile filter units are compact and powerful welding fume extractors fitted with an extraction arm up to three meter length. The arm can rotate 360˚ degree and is very easy to handle. 

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15% Discount Exclusively for Fronius customers, use the code FRS15 if you order in the webshop at  

Pre-assembled and FREE shipping from Plymovent Thailand Factory  

1 year factory warranty  

“If you weld large pieces, please contact us for a free-of-charge site survey and improvement rapport”

For more information, please contact

more info please contact

Fronius Thailand LTD.

033-047421 vasb.gunvynaq@sebavhf.pbz

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