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Perfect Welding

Welding safety Welding Helmets, welding jackets and Co.

The right welding equipment provides comprehensive protection

Working for the whole day on the welding system is highly stressful. The eyes quickly become tired due to changing lighting conditions and the high levels of UV radiation. Welding fumes start to affect concentration after four hours at the latest. There is also the danger of “flashing” by the arc, not to mention the rashes and burns that can be sustained during aluminum welding if the welder's jacket collar is not properly closed.

Eye Protection - no arc eye


A welder has to look into the arc continuously in order to check the weld pool. This exposes the eyes to ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation and visible rays, which are harmful to health in high concentrations. Reliable eye protection is therefore particularly important, either with a hand shield or a fully automated welding helmet. The second option is much more convenient here, because it means that the welder has both hands free.


Everyone is familiar with the unpleasant sensation of looking directly at the sun. A similar thing happens with the arc, but in this case the radiation is many times higher. Brief eye contact with the arc is usually not a problem: this does dazzle the eye, but is does not sustain any damage and recovers quickly. However, anyone who looks into the arcs repeatedly or for an extended period of time will permanently damage their eyes—this is referred to as “flash burn.” It is not possible to say precisely from what point this effect will occur or how long it will last until the eye recovers from it. As a rule, the symptoms subside after 24 to 48 hours without there being any long-term subsequent damage.

Welders often compare the painful feeling of flash burn to having sand in your eye: sufferers are extremely sensitive to light and prefer to keep their eyes closed. An antibacterial ointment from a pharmacist is usually a very effective way to relieve the pain. It is also recommended that cold compresses be used to cool the eye.

Breathing Protection - protected from welding fume


Welding fumes are a mixture of gases and small particles, which are inhaled through the mouth and nose and may penetrate deep into the lungs. In total, welding fumes contain more than 40 different substances. These come from the processed material itself, from the filler metals or from surfaces such as paints and coatings. They may, among other things, cause breathing difficulties or alter the genetic material so that diseases arise.





Stationary exhaust device at the work table.


Mobile extraction system combined with exhaust device on the torch head.


Fresh air supply and air filter system in the welding helmet.

Protective Clothing for welders


The most frequent injuries during welding include burns due to weld or slag spattering, known as an “arc tattoo.” “Welder's neck,” sunburn in the neck area due to the UV radiation produced in arc welding, is also common. 

These injuries are, in fact, usually not dangerous but they can also be easily avoided. Thick gloves and long-armed, flame-retardant clothing are part of the basic equipment for any welder. However, in addition to the equipment, correct use is also important: the jacket, for example, should always be fastened up to the top button in order to cover as much skin as possible.

Professional Protective Equipment for Safe Welding

Vizor Connect
  • Protection level in the range of 2.5/7-12 (man.) and 2.5/5-12 (auto)
  • 6 times larger field of view compared to conventional welding helmets
  • Darkens before the arc is ignited by the welding machine
Learn more about the helmet
VIZOR Connect
  • Protection level in the range of 2.5/7-12 (man.) and 2.5/5-12 (auto)
  • 6 times larger field of view compared to conventional welding helmets
  • Darkens before the arc is ignited by the welding machine
Learn more about the helmet
Vizor 4000 Professional
  • Automatic adjustment of the level of protection from 5 to 13
  • Perfect view of the weld seam (1/1/1/1 as per EN 379)
  • Ideal for overhead applications due to the shape, which repels fumes and particles
More about the protective helmet
Vizor 4000 Air/3 Plus
  • Filters up to 99.8% of the hazardous welding fume particles out of the air
  • Individually adjustable air flow level provides additional cooling for the helmet
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life for the filter unit
More about the protective helmet
High-end leather jacket
  • Produced from cow split leather as per EN 11611
  • Button placket and stand-up collar can be closed with hook-and-loop fastener
  • Available in sizes S–XXXXXL
More about the leather jacket

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