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our mission is clear: to make the world a little bit better

What others only promise, Fronius fulfils down to the last detail. We are miles ahead when it comes to sustainability: our products generate maximum performance from minimum energy input, they seem to last forever and are constructed in a resource-conserving manner. A company that manufactures such ingenious products requires quality management at the highest level. It goes without saying that we are ISO certified. However, what makes us special is the detective flair of our people when it comes to identifying opportunities for improvement. What we bring that's special is: collaboration without red tape, no blinkers and the energy of around 30 people who all want to improve quality management.

Clearly, all this requires exceptional IT. 70 professionals make sure that everything runs smoothly in this area: they develop IT applications, provide efficient shared services and oversee our networks and data centres, to name just a few of their responsibilities.

Environmentally-friendly locations is a big part of sustainability. Sattledt is not just home to our resource-conserving production process, but also one of the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic systems in Austria. Heat comes from a biomass power plant and two geothermal systems – all CO2 neutral. There is also the research centre in Thalheim, which is partially heated with heat from the test laboratories. Sustainability is more than just a marketing tool for us, it is a mindset that is a great source of pride for our people.

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