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Perfect Welding


The crane boom of the enormous “ScorpionKing” logging machine from Finnish manufacturer Ponsse based in Vieremä can reach up to 11 metres into the undergrowth. The logger, which takes its name from its scorpion-like appearance, is capable of processing huge trees into transport-ready segments in mere seconds. Due to its leverage, the machine is placed under enormous mechanical loads – which is why the engineers were meticulous in their designing and testing of the machine, and the crane boom in particular. For these demanding welding operations on both the vehicle frame and crane, Ponsse relies on the quality and performance of the TPS/i.

In the past, ultrasonic tests repeatedly revealed defects in the manual weld seams caused by a lack of fusion at the start of the weld. This wastes time and is a major cost factor, particularly because the frame requires many manually welded short weld seams – which means many weld starts as well. Every defect means that the affected location must be ground out, re-welded and checked again.


Ponsse reports significant improvements in the weld seam appearance following the introduction of the TPS/i in conjunction with the PMC (Pulse Multi Control) characteristic. The penetration is reliable in all welding phases, including at the start of the weld. The forestry machinery manufacturer has also been able to drastically reduce the time required for reworking. Furthermore, the system scores highly thanks to its excellent ease of use. The company bought and commissioned an impressive 63 machines from the TPS/i series within six months, and which are being used for both manual and robot-assisted welding. Fronius has therefore become Ponsse’s preferred supplier of welding technology solutions.

“Our primary aim was to continue to improve the weld seam quality produced from manual welding, which we have achieved with the change to the TPS/i. It quickly demonstrated that the new generation is in a class of its own!”

Heikki Selkälä, Production Development Manager at Ponsse

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