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Perfect Welding

Not your average bike Brazilian custom bike genius relies on welding technology from fronius

Racing driver, TV star, car and motorbike designer. TARSO MARQUES has had a long and outstanding career. During the 1990s, the Brazilian raced in the Formula 1 championships and the American Champ Car series. Nowadays, the 43-year-old is a successful TV presenter.

On his show, “Lata Velha”, the car fanatic transforms cars that are ready for the scrap heap into spectacular bespoke vehicles. His company, Tarso Marques Concept (TMC), operates on a similar principle. Together with his team, he designs and creates custom cars and motorbikes, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Marques seems to have been born with this passion for everything with an engine. “Unusual cars and motorbikes have been my hobby throughout my life, not just during my time as a racing driver”, he explains. “With TMC I have the opportunity to combine this passion with my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.” His company garnered particular attention by constructing the TMC Dumont, a motorbike with a 1960s airplane engine. “In 2018, this creation won us the title of ’Best in Show’ at the legendary Daytona Bike Week in the USA”, Marques is proud to report.

When constructing his special masterpieces, Marques and his team rely on welding technology from Fronius: TransSteel, TPS/i, MagicWave, and TransTig are all fully capable of meeting the exacting requirements of the TMC workshop. “The ease of use, wide variety of adjustment options, and excellent welding results provided by the Fronius devices win us over time and time again”, explains Marques. “These devices have helped us to successfully complete all of our most challenging projects yet.”

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