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Perfect Welding

The transsteel multiprocess series ready for any challenge

Multiprocess welding systems are an incredibly practical tool, as they mean that users only need one device to carry out a variety of welding tasks. The investment costs for users are low, but the benefits are huge. Fronius has now added two new multiprocess devices to its product range.

Be it manufacturing components in metalworking trades or repairing agricultural vehicles, multiprocess welding systems allow the user to be flexible. It takes no time at all to switch between processes – the welding torch, gas, and wire can all be switched and parameters set in under 60 seconds. A good multiprocess welding system should cover a wide range of materials and material thicknesses – steel, aluminum and chrome-nickel steel in thicknesses of 0.5 to 8 millimeters are standard. In addition, it should be able to process a wide variety of welding wires, wire diameters, and gases, and have two gas valves, if possible. This allows the user to switch between two different gas mixtures, depending on the process. A range of pre-programmed welding settings should be available for the different material types, wire diameters, and gases. The design should also be lightweight to ensure optimum handling.


The advantages of a multiprocess welding system become clear when applied to a practical application: A metalwork fitter receives an order to carry out work on a modern building. The company uses the MAG welding process to join shelving units made from unalloyed steel in the storeroom and join the chrome-nickel stair railings. The fine weld seams on the handrail must look and feel excellent – for this reason, the TIG process is used. The final tasks are carried out on an open skywalk high up in the air. Exposure to wind and weather make it impossible to use gas shielded arc welding – this is where rod electrode welding comes into play. The best way to master all of these tasks is with a multiprocess welding system. A three-in-one solution helps to minimize the investment Costs.


Fronius has launched the TransSteel 2700 and TransSteel 3500 C multiprocess welding systems to complement the triedand- tested TransSteel 2200. The new devices can achieve the maximum amperage of 270 A (TransSteel 2700) and 350 A (TransSteel 3500 C) respectively without any loss during all welding processes.

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