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Effective welding fume extraction


Two new mobile, powerful Exento welding fume extraction systems and a new, user-friendly Exento fume extraction torch are now available for effective protection against welding fumes.  

An easy-to-use welding fume extraction torch 

The newly designed and EN ISO 21904-1-compliant Exento fume extraction torch removes welding fume with pinpoint accuracy as soon as it is created and before it can spread. The development team paid particular attention in the design process to optimize ergonomics and easy operation. The design also provides more freedom of movement during welding, thanks to the ball-joint attaching the torch handle to the 1.3 m long, leather-protected hose.

Exento HighVac – mobile and compact welding fume extraction 

The fume extraction torch paired with new Exento high-vacuum extraction system makes the perfectly coordinated duo. This combination is particularly effective when continuous performance is required to remove fumes and dust. With a footprint of just 60 x 60 cm and a usage radius of 360 degrees, Exento HighVac is a portable powerhouse that can be used wherever it is needed. The extraction capacity of up to 170 m³ per hour is impressive, while the vertically mounted filter cartridge ensures particularly effective cleaning. 

Exento LowVac – versatility in action 

Whether MIG/MAG, TIG, or stick welding: this compact, mobile, low vacuum extraction system is suitable for all common welding processes. Exento LowVac is the right choice wherever welding fume extraction torches cannot be used. Its highlight is the flow-optimized design of the 360 degree rotatable extraction hood with throttle valve. This means that significantly less extraction arm tracking is necessary than with conventional systems. Equally remarkable is the large, standard 25 m² area of the disposable filter, which can even be upgraded to 42 m² if required. The robust and stable design makes the Exento LowVac system the perfect companion when frequent workplace changes are needed. 

You can find more details here: Exento – Mobile welding fume extraction system

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