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Solar Energy
Business owners

Industrial enterprise stores self-generated PV power

Energy supply is one hundred percent autonomous and off-grid in the event of grid failures.

Use the sun as a backup during peak times and power failures

Aldo Componentes Eletrônicos, a dealer in solar products, drones and IT products in Brazil with 37 years of market experience, is seeking to facilitate the conscious use of the natural resources of our planet and access to solar energy in Brazil. In addition to generating energy from the sun, the storage of energy is also an important step for the company. With the Aldo Solar 365 solar generator, they therefore offer a single solution for solar energy 365 days a year, with the goal of saving electricity at peak times and storing electricity for power failures.


310 kWp PV system installed on an office and logistics building

As a dealer in solar products with a pronounced sustainability philosophy, it was an obvious step for the company to install a PV system on its own office and logistics building. The 310 kWp system supplies the company with solar power all year round and thus achieves a 100% self-consumption rate.


Maximum independence in the generation and supply of electricity

The special feature of this system is that the energy supply system functions 100 percent autonomously and off-grid in the event of a grid failure. The stability of the electricity supply is of great importance, especially for companies. Power failures can cause a company to lose important data, for example. That is why it is essential to be self-sufficient even during power failures, as Aldo Componentes Eletrônicos has found.


Aldo’s solution to this challenge is the Aldo Solar 365, which comprises Fronius inverters, Victron Energy inverters and BYD lithium batteries. The solar energy can be stored in the batteries and then used during peak times or power failures. This means that the company is fully independent in terms of generating and supplying their own electricity.

Refuelling station on the company premises

There is also a carport on the company premises with a charging station for charging three electric cars. The power for this is supplied by the PV system on the roof of the carport with a Fronius Primo 8.2-1 inverter.

About the system:

System size: 310 kWp
System type: Roof-mounted system
Fronius devices:

8 x Fronius Eco 25.0-3-M  

1 x Fronius Primo 8.2-1

Annual yield: 481 MWh
Special feature: 100% self-consumption

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