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Photovoltaics is the simple and inexpensive solution for generating green electricity yourself.
With your own small solar power plant you gain independence from rising electricity prices and reduce your ecological footprint.

Advantages of photovoltaics

Reduce costs
Use the cheapest form of energy with solar power.

Increase independence
Produce your own electricity independently of the market.

Save CO2
Reduce your ecological footprint with your own solar power plant.

Reduce ENERGY COSTS with photovoltaics

The sun does not send a bill - you save on energy costs from day one by producing your own solar power. 

By investing in a photovoltaic system, you gain independence from constantly rising electricity prices. The PV system therefore pays back its purchase costs in less than 10 years - often much earlier.


By gradually moving away from fossil fuels, we will consume more electricity in the heating (modern heat pump heating systems) and mobility (electric cars) sectors. It is therefore wise to start thinking today about how this growing demand for electricity can be met sustainably and cost effectively.

With a photovoltaic system,  not only can you supply your household appliances with solar power, but you can also heat water for showering or charge an electric car.

Keep an eye on your photovoltaic system at all times

With the free Fronius Solar.web monitoring tool, you can keep an eye on your energy yield and consumption at all times and get the most out of your photovoltaic system.

  • Ensure functionality
  • Shorten the payback period
  • Expose energy guzzlers
  • Analyse and optimise energy consumption
  • Keep the system up-to-date
  • Save more money with individual extensions
  • Extend warranty free of charge
More about system monitoring

Be independent with photovoltaics

“At the moment we have calculated a 93% self-sufficiency rate over the year. I believe we can push this even further. For example, we could further optimise our energy management system and switch on loads in a more targeted manner.”

Miriam Gahleitner, system owner

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  • Smart technology
    The intelligent Fronius inverters ensure that electricity from photovoltaic systems can be used particularly efficiently.      
  • 75 years of experience
    More than seven decades ago, Günter Fronius founded the family-owned enterprise. Now the team is made up of 5,000+ people, and together they are driving forward the energy revolution.
  • Made in Austria
    Fronius quality has always been produced in Austria. Sustainable production is particularly important to us.
  • Strong partners
    A Fronius partner near you – trained & certified by us – is available to help you with advice and support for your personal energy revolution.

With a photovoltaic system, you lay the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. It pays to invest in quality components and to work with reliable partners.

As solar pioneers with more than 75 years of experience, we manufacture our inverters in Austria under strict quality guidelines and work closely with our Fronius SystemPartners. Our partner network consists of over 5,800 competent installers around the world.

Find a suitable partner installer and let them guide you from consultation to installation.