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Solar energy for your home

Taking your energy supply into your own hands? Saving money and protecting the climate? Yes, it is possible! A photovoltaic system provides renewable energy for your home.

At a basic level, you need energy for the following three areas:

  • Current: For powering domestic appliances
  • Heating & cooling: Heating and air conditioning
  • Mobility: Charging electric cars  

You can easily generate this energy yourself. How?
The solution is 147 million kilometres away and yet so close! Use the power of the sun in your own four walls.

Green sun Rising Inc.

“Green Sun Rising Inc. has used Fronius inverters across Canada for many years. We appreciate the excellent technical support of the Fronius Canada team, particularly when developing and implementing PV projects in the demanding weather of the Canadian Arctic. The Smart Meter product and Solar.web enables monitoring of generation plus consumption. It also enables limiting power export of the microgrid for stability.

The snap-in design makes installation and service simple and easy. These capabilities are utilized on projects in Sach’s Harbour NT and Kugluktuk NU, where the temperature reaches -40oC. The confindence in Fronius product and support is key for us to implement projects in remote arctic communities successfully.”

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What is an inverter?

You’ll constantly come across two terms when planning your own photovoltaic system: solar modules & inverters. The role of the solar module is clear to most people, but many still ask: what is an inverter? Let’s take a look at the most important facts about the heart of your PV system, find out why it is essential to choose the right inverter, and reveal a few pointers about what to be aware of before making up your mind.

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