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PV system relieves load on diesel generator in Canada

A saving of 80,000 euros in diesel in 20 years
In order to get to diesel for the local power generators, the inhabitants of Sachs Harbour have to travel 523 km. As the fuel can only be delivered by air or sea, the costs are above average.

Annual saving of 4,100 euros

Until a few years ago, the entire power supply of the 130 inhabitants of the off-grid community was provided exclusively by diesel generators. With the goal of reducing financial expenses, the local power supplier installed three Fronius Primo inverters in autumn 2015.

Save money with photovoltaics

Grid parity of the PV energy is set to be achieved faster than anticipated due to high diesel costs in Sachs Harbour. Consequently, they will have a very low payback time of less than six years, following which the system will be paid off, enabling the residents of Sachs Harbour to save more than 80,000 euros in diesel costs in the first 20 years.

Best PV performance in extreme conditions

Depending on the time of year, temperatures in Sachs Harbour normally range between -18°C and -37°C. Yet the Fronius Primo has once again shown that it thrives in these extreme conditions.


The inverter is designed to withstand ambient temperatures between -40°C and +55°C, meaning that it can be used in extreme conditions ranging from the Canadian Arctic to the Kalahari in Namibia.

About the system:

System size 15 kWp
System type  Free-standing system connected to MicroGrid and generator
Inverter 3 x Fronius Primo 5.0-1
Special feature  Extreme temperatures down to -37°C

Annual saving of 4,100 euros

Savings of more than 80,000 euros in 20 years

Payback period for the system  6 years

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