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Solar Energy
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Intelligent energy management

Savings with Photovoltaics

With your own photovoltaic system, you produce your own green-energy supply, helping to protect the environment while saving money. All the same, the potential of photovoltaic systems is often not fully utilised and a large part of the solar energy produced is fed into the grid at a low rate of return. We show you how to get the most out of your PV system using intelligent energy management.

To exploit the savings potential of your photovoltaic system to the full, it’s important to use the energy produced efficiently. The best way to do this is to use the electricity generated at the time it is available, for which, first and foremost, you will need a smart electricity meter like the Fronius Smart Meter.

Keep track of your power consumption

A Smart Meter captures data on

  • Solar energy produced
  • Power consumption in the home

Combining the two shows how much surplus energy is currently available. This information can then be used to switch on devices (e.g. a swimming pool pump) specifically at times when enough solar power is being generated, meaning that no extra power will need to be drawn from the grid for this appliance.

Intelligent energy management with your preferred smart home system

A home automation system allows you to automatically supply different power consumers in your home with green electricity at the times it is available, allowing you to use the energy generated most efficiently.

  • You can automatically run your washing machine when there is sufficient surplus PV power available.
  • And supply power to the charging station for your electric car once the PV system has produced more solar power than is needed to cover present load requirements.

And the best part: there are no restrictions on the products used in your smart home solution - the Fronius photovoltaic system can be integrated with products from different suppliers.

Heating and cooling with photovoltaics

Want to get even more out of your energy supply?  Use your self-generated energy to heat or cool your home. If you have a smart-grid capable heat pump, you can run it automatically through the inverter, the heart ofyour photovoltaic system –

  • that way you can get even more out of your photovoltaic system and
  • you save more money.

Integrating a Fronius Ohmpilot for hot water heating using photovoltaics in your system enables you to run your heat pump on green electricity, allowing you to use even more of your solar power for your own household needs.

System monitoring shows you everything at a glance

Fronius Solar.web shows you at a glance how efficiently you are using the energy from your photovoltaic system. The app and the desktop version of the monitoring tool give you an up-to-date overview using your own intelligent energy management system. For example, you can see the surplus power you are producing in clear visualisations, how much solar power you have used to charge your electric car or when you produced the most green power. 


If you want, the software will even send a message directly to your installer if there is a problem with your photovoltaic system – which means issues can often be resolved even before you were aware anything was wrong.

Want to have even more flexibility in how you use your photovoltaic system and find out more about storing PV energy? Click here to find out about solar storage systems.

Heating hot water with PV – click here for full details about the Fronius Ohmpilot.

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