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Solar Energy
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6 good reasons to install photovoltaics in new homes

Savings with Photovoltaics

Realising the dream of building your own home is a major financial commitment. So, every extra outlay needs to be weighed carefully in the balance. Many builders see a photovoltaic system as an expensive extra service. That’s why installing a PV system during the initial build can make quite a difference, including in terms of cost savings. We reveal why installing photovoltaics in a new home pays dividends from day one.

Save costs through smart planning

Installing a PV system at the time the house is built not only simplifies matters in terms of logistics, it can also reduce costs. It makes complete sense to install solar modules on the roof while the scaffolding is still in place, and there is further potential for savings due to reduced planning and travel costs for your installer. You can also bundle it with your overall bank loan, rather than having to reapply at a later time.

Green electricity is the future

We are already seeing a situation where everything in a household runs on electricity: cooling and heating from an electric heat pump, hot water heating and, of course, charging electric vehicles. This trend will only grow; and having a PV system means you could not be better prepared. Other components – like a storage system – can be added as and when you are ready for them.

Photovoltaics add to the value of your home

International studies show that installing a PV system significantly increases the value of your home; by as much as 5% depending on the region and the size of the system.

Self-generated electricity is cheaper

By 2019, in most countries in the world, the average price of electricity from the grid was significantly higher than the price you would pay for self-generated PV energy. In countries like Austria, Spain, Brazil, Australia and many others the price for electricity from the grid is twice or even three times the amount for power from your own roof. 

Say goodbye to rising electricity prices

To add to this, electricity prices are continuing to rise around the world. Over the past 20 years, the price has doubled in most countries, and this trend is set to continue over the coming years. With a PV system you produce your own power completely independently of the market, so you no longer need to concern yourself with rising energy costs.

Low carbon footprint

Photovoltaics produces green energy that is CO2-neutral. Owning a PV system means you are playing your own, significant part in the energy revolution.

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