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24 hours of sun on all channels


Since the start of the year, the Solar Energy Division has been pulling out all the stops to realise its vision of 24 hours of sun. The promotional film, landing page and opportunity for social engagement are just a few of the many tools the division is using to emphasise the importance of the energy revolution, and to encourage as many people as possible to make a personal contribution. The latest method is a photo competition on the social media platform Pinterest, organised by the Solar Energy Division. The lucky winner can look forward to a holiday in Sweden in summer 2017, in the week of the longest day of the year.
Map with pins of 1400 people who had shared their contributions towards 24 hours of sun with the world.

24hrs sun landing page becomes total success

Despite being online for just two months now, it is clear that the landing page has become a complete success for the Solar Energy Division. On 1st March, 1,400 users had already placed their pin on the site's world map and shared their contributions towards 24 hours of sun with the world. Here is a short extract from the website:


“I am 24 hours of sun because…”

…it's better for the environment, my family and my pocket. is tomorrow's yesterday

...we need to show our governments the way into the future

…I believe in leaving the world a better place for my children. A place with clean air, fresh water, plenty of good food and peace. wife has a shoe fetish and I need to make money back somehow ...I also feel that it's our generation that needs to fix our mistakes from the past makes a difference no matter how small

…this change is inevitable, it is the only option for a sustainable future!

…thank you for this video which demonstrates once again that "FONIUS SOLAR ENERGY" moves forward with large steps in the energy saving

.…C'est le moins que l’on puisse faire metering is my way reducing my usage from the grid. Going for zero!

Initially only available in German and English, the huge success of the page has since seen it translated into five other languages. Obviously the message the Solar Energy Division wishes to convey with its 24 hours of sun campaign will be best received and understood in the relevant native language.

In addition to the comment function, the site now has a new feature for uploading photos, for example of your own PV system.



“Pin and win” - photo competition on Pinterest

The most recent activity relating to 24 hours of sun is a photo competition on Pinterest, encouraging people to pin photos depicting 24hrs sun along with the hashtag # 24hoursofsun to their own Pinterest wall. Fronius will select the best candidates and pin them to the Fronius 24 hours of sun wall. When the competition closes, an expert jury will select the lucky winner of a holiday in Gothenburg in the week of the longest day of the year (June 2017).