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Fronius Canada - 10 Year Anniversary


2017-11-22 / Mississauga, Canada

Fronius Canada celebrated its 10 year birthday in style at our Mississauga location on October 25, 2017, where we hosted just shy of 200 guests. Guests were invited to enjoy a carnival-themed lunch, followed by competitive axe throwing. 

Visitors were able to walk through our facility and visit our 20 solar and welding stations featuring new products and technologies.

In the solar stations we proudly displayed the new generation of Fronius Rapid Shutdown boxes (Duo & Quattro) alongside the Smart Meter 600 V. 

In our welding lab, the welding technicians were working hard demonstrating the CMT process in our additive manufacturing station. Being exposed to the digital world on a daily basis, we have noticed a shift even in the welding industry. Digitisation seemed to have been a common area of interest which brought a lot of attention to our Fronius WeldConnect App, Fronius data management system and our virtual welder.

A lot of interest was seen in regards to innovations and manual welding systems during our open house event. Offering several different processes such as Stick, TIG & MIG, it’s no wonder why Fronius’ TransSteel 2200 was such a focus at our 10 year anniversary. Being introduced as the first single-phase, multi-process welding solution.Lastly, we held a contest where one lucky winner would enter for a chance to win the Fronius TP180. Fronius TP180 is a great welding system allowing portability and flexibility. 

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