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UN climate change conference – the Fronius Solhub as a sustainable mobility solution



The annual climate change conference (COP25) took place in Madrid from 2nd to 13th December with the aim of setting even more ambitious measures to combat climate change.

During the event, the Solhub was presented as a sustainable mobility and energy solution.

“Time for Action”

Around 25,000 delegates from more than 200 countries attended this important conference, with the aim of complying with and implementing agreements and contracts between the nations. The motto of the 25th climate change conference was “Time for action” – an appeal which yet again elucidated the extent and the threat of climate change.

The challenge

Following clarification of CO2 licenses, amongst other things, another priority was preparing higher climate targets, which will then be submitted in 2020 at the next conference in Glasgow.

Austrian best practice solutions for climate protection

Austrian companies presented their climate protection technologies during an informative workshop, which took place on 11th December in the EU Pavilion. The Fronius Solhub was showcased as an innovative and sustainable system solution for the local generation, storage and use of (green) hydrogen and met with great success.


The Fronius Solhub – part of our vision of 24 hours of sun

The aim of the vision is to cover the world’s energy needs using renewable sources and resources by 2050, with hydrogen playing a vital role.

“Our innovative system, the Fronius Solhub, for the local generation, use and storage of green hydrogen is a sustainable mobility and energy solution for businesses and municipalities. Surplus hydrogen can be stored and converted back into electricity later. As part of our “24 hours of sun” vision, it therefore brings summer to winter."

Wolfgang Hink, Head of Project Business and speaker at the UN climate change conference

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