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Solar Energy
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A new look and intelligent functions


Fronius Solar Energy, the quality leader on the global solar energy market, has recently overhauled its Fronius Solar.web online portal for photovoltaic systems. Replete with its new look, the clear and comprehensive portal allows operators to easily monitor and analyse data from their own system(s). Among the new features available is a remote update function for the inverter software, which the user can initiate at a click of a button. Fronius has also enhanced the reporting tool, meaning it is now possible to track the daily production and consumption figures more accurately than before.
The Fronius Solar.web online portal now offers numerous additional functions

Fronius Solar Energy is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. “We have decided to mark the occasion by taking our products and solutions for our vision of 24 hours of sun to the next level by unveiling a host of improvements – including to Fronius Solar.web,” explains Thomas Obermüller, product manager at Fronius International GmbH. One of the innovations for this portal is the Remote Inverter Software Update. This allows users to quickly, easily and efficiently update the inverter software at the click of a button, without having to physically go to the system. Time is not the only saving here; the solution is more cost effective too. Simply install software version 3.7.4-6 on the Datamanager to enjoy the convenience of updating your Fronius inverter(s) at any time.


New design for greater user-friendliness

Operators can now configure their reports in Solar.web in a new layout. The menu items “Production”, “Energy Balance” and “Subsidy Report for Storage Systems” allow all the important information to be viewed, such as the system’s daily production figures, hourly consumption or the state of charge of the battery. Users who pay for the Premium account can also customise their reports. “This means that users can choose the time period covered by the report themselves. Furthermore, all the available components and channels in the system are shown and can be selected as desired,” adds Obermüller. The Speicherförderungs and Energy Balance report are free and can therefore be used by non-Premium users too.


Greater clarity and practical warranty extensions

The user can choose to have their system overview displayed in tile-form or in list-form. The latter option is particularly helpful if the user has several systems linked to their Solar.web account at the same time. Product registration is another area to have been modernised, meaning it is now even easier to register an inverter and claim the free warranty incentive. The weather-service function on the overview page shows the current situation at the system’s location, while the forecast helps to better plan the consumption of solar energy. In addition, warranty extensions can also be arranged via Solar.web.

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