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Solar Energy
Installers & Partners

You are 24 hours of sun: Driving the transition to 100% Renewable Energy


What is 24 hours of sun? A world where renewable energy sources cover 100% of our energy needs. It is a world, where renewable energy is available for anyone at any time at any place in sufficient quantity. Solar energy plays a key role in the world's energy mix.

24HRS SUN begins with each one of us. Together we can make this visionary goal a reality. We all are the driving force for accelerating energy transition to 100% renewables.

We from Fronius invite all companies and people to join us on our way to this energy future from 100 % renewables, our way towards 24 hours of sun. Because together, the visionary goal of 24HRS SUN can be achieved faster.


24HRS SUN from 3 angles - the movie

Three different people on three continents affect the progress of 24HRS SUN in a different way. Day by day, each of them makes a valuable contribution to reach the goal of  24 hours of sun.


#24hoursofsun - I am 24 HRS SUN because...

On the landing page any visitor who identifies with the goal of 24 hours of sun and contributes in a way to reach this target can post this on a "24 hours of sun world map" and share this via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google.

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