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10 kw pv-system in Grise Fiord Canada

2023-06-26 / Grise Fiord Canada
Grise Fiord is the most northern community in North America.

Difficult to reach

Frozen for nearly 9 months of the year, it poses some of the greatest challenges for buildinga PV system. Grise Fiord waspreviously 100% dependenton diesel generation capacity, where transporting diesel from the mainland can nearly double its price. 

Reducing the carbon footprint

The PV system will produce nearly 10,000 kW/h throughout the year, reducing Grise Fiord’s dependence on expensive diesel and carbon footprint by nearly 2.6 tons of CO2 annually. The installer, Green SunRising, has a history of creating unique PV systems in the Canadian in remote Northern Canada. With only 3 months of the year where the waters are passable by sea, the logistical challenges bringing all the elements of the PV system together is incredible.Although transport costs usually equal or even exceed the actual costs, the ROI from eliminatingdiesel generation is less than 6 years!

» The main reason we went with Fronius was for the support from a local organization and familiarity with building systems in the North.  «

Klaus Dohring, Green Sun Rising

Facts & Figures

The PV system is locatedon the side of the town‘s new hamlet office and Community hall where Grise Fiord‘s 135 inhabitants get together for events and go to the center‘s gym for exercise. During the peak of summer, the PV system will run at nearly 100% of potential capacity for close to 2 months.


Size of system  10 kW DC
System type  3 - Phase
Fronius components  Fronius Symo 10 208 - 240
Annual yield  9,800 kWh
CO2 savings /year  2,665 KG
Special feature  3 Months of 100% capacity

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