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Solar Energy
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We use our solar power during the day and at night

Being independent and doing something for the planet were important to Rino and his family when they decided to install a photovoltaic system. They achieved this with a storage system tailored to the family’s electricity needs and an intelligent energy management system. The family now lives virtually independently of the public grid and has massively reduced their energy costs.  

100% energy self-sufficiency thanks to storage solutions

If, like Rino, you are looking to achieve the greatest possible degree of independence with regards to your electricity supply, a PV system with storage solution is the best option. With a battery storage system, the family can use all of the energy they produce, even during the evening and at night.

In the majority of households, electricity is mostly needed during the evening or in the early morning. With a storage system, the surplus energy that is generated during the day can be stored and used when the sun isn’t shining. Thanks to their battery system, Rino and his family achieve almost 100% energy self-sufficiency and are therefore no longer dependent on the public grid. In addition, they have also reduced their energy costs

» “It is reassuring to know that our self-generated solar electricity is there whenever we need it.” «

says Rino

Increase the self-consumption of your own solar power

In order to use your own solar energy as efficiently as Rino and his family, good monitoring is crucial. This allows so-called power guzzlers in the home to be identified and countermeasures to be taken accordingly. Rino uses the Fronius Solar.web monitoring tool, which allows him to optimize electricity consumption by switching on certain loads (e.g., the washing machine or dishwasher) when solar power is available from the PV system or the battery. As a result, he is able to avoid having to purchase extra electricity from the grid.


On sunny days, Rino can use almost 90% of the solar energy he generates thanks to his storage system. The electricity consumption of his air conditioning system harmonizes perfectly with solar energy being generated by the PV system: as the air conditioning is usually running when the outside temperatures are high, the photovoltaic system is therefore producing the most electricity.

Good advice from the installer on site

When deciding to install a photovoltaic system, it was important to Rino’s family to choose an installer they could completely rely on. NRG Solar’s installers tailored the photovoltaic system and battery storage size to best meet the family’s electricity needs. “The installer explained all the steps of the planning process in a precise and understandable way so that we could go ahead with complete confidence.” Not only has this enabled the family to maximize the household’s energy self-sufficiency, but should their electricity needs change in the future, with the purchase of an electric car for example, the PV system can always be expanded with additional storage modules. 

Solar power by day and night and during power outages

Rino and his family would also like to use the PV system to supply power even in the event of a power outage. That’s why they opted for the Full Backup emergency power solution. With the help of the existing battery, both 1-phase and 3-phase loads, such as the air conditioning system or electric stove, can continue to be operated during a power outage

Good to know

The GEN24 Plus inverter from Fronius offers two emergency power options: Full Backup and PV Point. The PV Point is a socket for single-phase loads up to 3 kW that is supplied with electricity in the event of a power outage so that devices such as a smartphone or laptop can still be charged. With the Full Backup emergency power solution, 1-phase and 3-phase loads throughout the home can be supplied with power.  More Information

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