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Fronius SnapINverters Designed to rely on

Welcome to Fronius Solar Energy

For more than 30 years, Fronius Solar Energy has stood for premium quality made. Our ideas and operating principles have always supported a future worth living.

Consistently sustainable

Fronius is environmentally conscious of the resources we use to manufacture and ship our inverters

Consistently durable and repairable

Our products are extensively designed and tested. If service is needed, only the affected component needs to be replaced.

Consistently at your side

Providing premium service is of utmost importance to us. We offer comprehensive training material as well as digital tools for planning, installation, monitoring, maintenance and repairs.

Fronius SnapINverter

Safety, superior flexibility and optimum performance are what Fronius Primo and Fronius Symo Advanced delivers for all home and commercial applications.

Superflex Design, Dynamic Peak Manager, multiple MPP trackers, along with third-party compatibility makes our string inverter the right choice for any PV system. 

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Fronius String inverter benefits

EXCLUSIVE LOOK: "Behind The Strings" Virtual Tour

Take a walk with us while we give you an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of our US headquarters facility in Portage, Indiana.

  • Meet our Solar Sales team
  • Find out who has been helping you in our Technical Support department
  • Hear from others in our Fronius family.

Get first looks into our warehouse expansion, locations for future inverter production lines, Fronius Repair Center, and brand new Research and Development lab and office.

Fronius has invested in our facility, our team, and our community to meet the growing demand for Fronius products in an aggressively growing solar market.

Find out more on this virtual tour and live Q&A session!

Register below to reserve your spot!

We answer your questions live

Join us for a live Q&A session with the Director of Solar Energy Sales & Marketing at Fronius USA, Richard Baldinger.

Richard has been in his acting role since 2022 and with Fronius International and Fronius USA for a combined 11 years.

In this online session, he will review the current solar market in the United States, where it is heading, and how Fronius will play a part in that solar future.

You may type in questions live or pre-submit them at, and he will answer as many as he can in this 30 minute Q&A.


TIME: 10:00 am

Myths about string inverters

String inverters have often been subject to misconceptions in the growing world of solar energy.

Contrary to these myths, string inverter are not only efficient, they are also safer, more reliable, and more flexible than other inverter options.

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