Fronius USA hosted Women Who Weld training event


9/6/2018 / USA

On Saturday August 25th, ten women from the Detroit Michigan Metro area arrived at the Fronius Brighton, MI office to join a one day workshop with the non-profit program ‘Woman Who Weld’. 

Samantha Farr received a custom painted Fronius Vizor from Fronius USA's application Engineer, Alta Hardenstine

Women Who Weld's founder, Samantha Farr and her husband Corey offer these low-cost, single day introductory workshops for women who are interested in learning the basics of MIG welding. They also offer information to the participants about opportunities in the welding industry.

During this particular workshop participants had the opportunity to weld with the TransSteel 2500 and the AccuPocket 150. The Fronius team also let those who dared to try stick welding for the first time the chance to do so.

“I had a wonderful time leading a sold-out, Women Who Weld single-day introductory workshop at Fronius’s facility in Michigan! 10 women learned how to MIG and Stick weld using the amazingly versatile and portable TransSteel and AccuPocket machines. Fronius products are the best in the industry and we are so excited to be in partnership with such a great company!”

Fronius employee, Alta Hardenstine, had the honor of presenting Samantha a custom painted Fronius Vizor at the start of the event as a thank you for all the work she is doing in the industry and for partnering up with Fronius. Fronius USA donated a total of ten welding packages for Samantha to use at their Metro Detroit training facility. On Tuesday, August 28th, Wes Doneth (RSM) and Brian Patterson (ASM) dropped off six TransSteel 2500, three MW230i, and one AccuPocket TIG package. WWW will now exclusively use Fronius.  

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