The perfect welder for your challenge

For many companies across all sectors, manual welding is a daily task. Demands in this area are usually high: as well as outstanding weld-seam quality, users also expect their manual power sources to operate energy efficiently, to be flexible and to last a long time.

The Fronius light industrial welders are the perfect answer to these challenges. Our power sources are synonymous with the highest levels of product quality, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. They are also characterized by an intelligent and robust design. The digital control ensures an exceptionally stable arc and 100% reproducible welding results. Intuitive and sophisticated operating concepts make your life easier and mean every Fronius power source is an innovative and powerful solution you can use to complete any welding task in an instant. Whether it’s for manual metal arc welding, MIG or TIG welding, as the welding technology leader, Fronius offers the ideal product solution for every welding process. Our power sources are used in metalworking and trades; for servicing and repairs; in vehicle workshops; in steel, fabrication shops, machine and industrial plant construction; by handymen and specialist dealers; and in training and further education institutions. Countless users around the world put their trust in the quality and performance of Fronius welding power tools.


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Professional Welding Tools

Thanks to their compact design, Fronius power sources are ideal for mobile applications, such as on-site assembly or on building sites. As they’re small and light, they can easily be carried wherever they’re needed. What’s more, our battery-operated manual power sources in the AccuPocket series enable flexible welding without the need for a mains supply.   

Before Fronius power sources get to show what they can do in the field, they are subjected to thorough testing. In our laboratories we simulate all the external influences our devices may meet in their lifetime, such as heat, cold, impacts, shocks and moisture. Our tests go far beyond the prescribed standards. High-quality materials and an ingenious design ensure that our products will continue to withstand even the harshest conditions.

Perfect weld seam
Fronius power sources are equipped with a digital control with signal processor, which handles all data with maximum precision. The result is a perfect arc that delivers optimal weld-seam quality and 100% reproducible welding results.
Easy to use

Fronius power sources boast an intuitive and sophisticated operating concept that gives the user full control and clarity. This makes it easier to work with the devices and facilitates efficient manual welding.