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Fronius GEN24 & GEN24 Plus. Designed to empower.

Thanks to the Fronius GEN24, you can also use backup power with your PV system

With the Fronius GEN24 at the heart of your photovoltaic system, you can use your own solar energy flexibly and directly, even in the event of a power failure. You can even enjoy 24 hours of sun in your home with the Fronius GEN24 Plus because the hybrid inverter lets you connect a battery storage system, making your energy supply even more independent.

Electricity, heating, cooling, e-mobility: Anything is possible - even at night with the GEN24 Plus.

Full solar power for your energy revolution with the Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus. Designed to empower.


Backup power for every situation

Your energy supply must be reliable. That’s why the Fronius GEN24 offers an integrated basic backup power supply, which works even without battery storage. In combination with a battery storage system and a grid switching device of your choice, the Fronius GEN24 Plus can even back up your home’s entire power supply in the event of a power failure. 

  • Fronius GEN24: with PV Point – an integrated basic backup power supply from a socket when the sun is shining
  • Fronius GEN24 Plus: with PV Point – an integrated basic backup power supply – or Full Backup – power for the whole home, even large loads such as heat pumps

Built-in freedom

The Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus have open interfaces. This allows the optimal integration and management of components from Fronius or third-party suppliers, for a photovoltaic system tailored to you.


Versatility as standard

The Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus help you establish an efficient, independent energy supply.

  • Optimum yield, even when the PV modules are in shade
  • Active cooling for a longer service life

Always the right solution: with or without a Plus

With our Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters, you can live more sustainably no matter which solution you choose. Whether you want to take advantage of the Fronius GEN24 Plus straight away for greater reliability and independence depends entirely on your needs.


Use of your solar power

Fronius GEN24

Direct usage of solar power when the sun is shining:

  • Self-sufficiency instead of relying entirely on the grid
  • Cost savings instead of high energy prices

Fronius GEN24 Plus

Greater independence thanks to the battery storage connection:

  • Use the solar power when you need it, day or night
  • Even more independence from electricity providers and energy prices
Supply in case of a power supply failure

Fronius GEN24

Backup power when the sun is shining:

  • PV Point: integrated basic backup power function
  • Supply via a separate socket 

Fronius GEN24 Plus

Enhanced security with two backup power options for every situation:

  • PV Point: for backup power supply via a socket
  • Full Backup for reliable backup power for the whole home, even for large loads such as heat pumps

The ultimate decision aid

For those who still can’t decide: With the Fronius* software upgrade for the Fronius GEN24, the existing device can be retrofitted with a battery connection at any time, including the Full Backup option.**

* Available in the Fronius webshop in selected countries.

** The Full Backup option is not available for the Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0–5.0 Plus.


Fronius Solar.web

Knowledge as a service: Our monitoring tool for photovoltaic systems records all the key data and provides a clear overview of the energy flows in your home. This allows you to easily optimize your power consumption. With Fronius Solar.web you can find out, for example, whether a battery storage system is worthwhile for you or when’s the best time to turn on your tumble dryer to save even more money.
Learn more about Fronius Solar.web

Sustainable right from the start

All our products and solutions are “Made in Europe” with a constant focus on sustainability. This has been verified by the renowned Fraunhofer IZM, which put our Fronius GEN24 inverters to the test in a life cycle analysis. They impressed in every phase with sustainable performance and outstanding features:

Maximum repairability
thanks to easy-to-replace individual components
100% green power
is used in our production facilities in Austria
100% recycled aluminum
for the heat sinks in all Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters

Solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions

As part of the energy revolution, you enjoy double the benefits while also setting an example: With the Fronius GEN24 and Fronius GEN24 Plus at the heart of your photovoltaic system, you will save money and cut CO2 emissions from day one.

Climate benefits of Fronius GEN24

Using a photovoltaic system in combination with the Fronius GEN24 or Fronius GEN24 Plus over 20 years will save enough CO2 to compensate for 587 flights* from Lisbon to New York.

* Depending on the specific scenario of the Fronius GEN24 life cycle analysis.


Fronius GEN24 Plus in action

A life with 24 hours of solar power, is that even possible? Yes! The Anzi family is already living this vision of the future in Niederfüllbach, Germany, and relies entirely on quality Fronius products to make it happen. These products transform the power of the sun into electricity, heating, cooling, and e-mobility, enabling the family to live an energy self-sufficient life.

Click here to learn more about their experience


Your photovoltaic system can do more

Imagine if you could use your excess solar energy to produce heat or energy to power your electric car. Fronius makes this possible. With solutions tailored to the very heart of your photovoltaic system:

Fronius Ohmpilot

The Fronius Ohmpilot consumption regulator uses excess power to continuously control the heating of hot water, so you can enjoy efficient energy use and even lower CO2 emissions. Learn more

Fronius Wattpilot

Sustainable, affordable travel: Our Fronius Wattpilot uses excess solar energy to power your electric car. Available as a mobile charging solution to take with you or as a stationary model for the home. Learn more

Find a suitable Fronius partner installer now

By installing a photovoltaic system, you are laying the foundation for a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply. It pays to invest in quality components and work with reliable partners.  

As solar pioneers with more than 30 years of experience, we produce our inverters in compliance with strict quality guidelines in Austria and work closely with our Fronius Solutions Partners. Our partner network consists of over 5800 expert installers around the world.

Find a suitable partner installer and let us support you personally, from the consultation to the installation.

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