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Cold logistics: Battery charging technology for low temperatures


10/5/2020 / Wels
Extreme ambient temperatures often make day-to-day work in logistics more difficult. An uninterrupted cold chain is essential for storing and transporting fresh and frozen products. Low ambient temperatures, such as those in refrigerated areas, often pose great challenges for logistics companies. In order to cope with these, we have developed the cold logistics option for our Selectiva 4.0 battery chargers, which ensures that the battery is optimally charged even in very cold conditions. This means that the trucks can be operated even at very low temperatures without any drop in performance.
Niedrige Umgebungstemperaturen reduzieren die Leistungsfähigkeit und Lebensdauer von Antriebsbatterien. Mit der Cold Logistics Option können Sie Ihre Batterien in der Frische- und Tiefkühllogistik ohne Energieverlust einsetzen. Wie dies funktioniert, erfahren Sie hier.
Low temperatures drastically reduce the performance as well as the service life of traction batteries. This usually means they do not have sufficient energy for a full shift. At minus 15 degrees, for example, batteries only have a capacity of about 60 percent. To counteract this drop in performance, the Selectiva 4.0 battery chargers have their own cold logistics option. The battery charger, with preset temperature sensor, automatically selects the right amount of energy to heat the battery and thus enable higher performance. Battery and forklift thus remain ready for use at all times without long waiting times.
The figure shows the nominal capacity of batteries. In cold conditions without the cold logistics option, this is massively reduced and is lower than the value required for a full shift. Thanks to cold logistics it is possible to increase the capacity so that a full shift can be successfully completed.


In certain environments, choosing the right battery charging technology is especially critical. General factors such as particularly high or low ambient temperatures play a significant role. These specific requirements can only be met by high-quality battery charging systems that work reliably and cost-effectively, even in extreme ambient temperatures. More about demanding ambient temperatures

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