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Perfect Charging

High and low ambient temperatures A challenge for the majority of chargers

Master the challenge with selectiva battery charging systems

Extreme temperatures can make life difficult in a whole range of everyday situations. If it’s too cold, the car won’t start; if it’s too hot, mobile phone batteries and air-conditioning systems fail – not to mention the adverse effects on our personal well-being. Battery charging technology is no different: Extremely high or low ambient temperatures pose a major challenge for batteries and electric forklift truck operators. They hamper the charging process and diminish the service life of expensive traction batteries.

In certain environments, choosing the right battery charging technology is especially critical. General factors such as particularly high or low ambient temperatures play a significant role. These specific requirements can only be met by high-quality battery charging systems that work reliably and cost-effectively, even in extreme ambient temperatures. 

Individual and efficient charging process that extends the battery’s service life.


Individual and efficient charging process that extends the battery’s service life.

Temperature-controlled charging

A temperature sensor enables precise control of the charging process

Users can set a time for the start of the charging process on more or less any Selectiva battery charging system

Delayed charging start

Users can set a time for the start of the charging process on more or less any Selectiva battery charging system

Low ambient temperatures

In cold-chain logistics, the environmental conditions are particularly difficult. Goods must be transported through a wide range of temperature zones. Temperatures down to -24 degrees Celsius pose a huge challenge for forklift truck fleets. Fronius has the ideal solution for charging traction batteries safely, reliably and efficiently under these extreme conditions.

The challenge: The cold not only impairs the efficiency of the battery, it also has a significant negative impact on the charging process. If the temperature inside the battery is too low, the quality of the charge and the availability of the forklift truck system are reduced.

With the “delayed charging start” feature, users can set a time for the start of the charging process on almost any Selectiva battery charging system. This gives the battery enough time to warm up before the charging process and reach its “comfortable temperature”. This way forklift truck operators can significantly increase the service life of their traction batteries without the use of additional technology.

Reliable operation in the freezing cold - Frigologo GmbH relies on Fronius

Based in the Austrian town of Seekirchen, Frigologo GmbH is one of the biggest full-service providers of temperature-controlled food logistics solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2015, the company opened a new logistics centre in Sattledt, Upper Austria. Offering 10,300 square metres of warehouse space spread across four temperature zones, the building houses finished and packaged products for the retail industry. A continuous, monitored and documented cold chain is essential. Frigologo relies on more than 100 battery-powered forklift trucks for a seamless flow of goods and materials. Reference Frigologo
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» If we had to do it again, we would choose Fronius every time. The reliability of the devices under the most extreme conditions coupled with straightforward operation is extremely impressive. «

Günther Kisslinger, Managing Director of Frigologo

High ambient temperatures


High ambient temperatures place enormous strain on traction batteries: The more they heat up, the more their useful life contracts. One particular issue is batteries arriving at the charging station when they are too hot, because high temperatures during the charging process damage the battery, reduce its service life and so generate unnecessary costs.

In the metalworking industry, in particular, high temperatures are a factor that places high demands on batteries. Fronius has the technology to increase the energy efficiency and service life of these batteries. The battery then has enough time cool down before the charging process begins.

Reliable, even in hot environments

AMAG Austria Metall GmbH, Austria’s largest aluminium smelter, uses more than 150 electrically powered forklift trucks to handle the internal flow of materials at its production site in Ranshofen.  To avoid long downtimes, forklift trucks and tractor units in particular are fitted out with back-up batteries. These traction batteries are constantly subjected to very high ambient temperatures, which is why the AMAG relies on high-quality Fronius technology. Reference AMAG

Know-how from Fronius guarantees better performance

Some important points must be observed when using traction batteries in low temperature areas.  

The batteries cool during use and heat up again during charging. The capacity available is largely based on the average battery temperature. The nominal capacity of a traction battery is the capacity that can be discharged at 30°C. At low temperatures this drops significantly.

Fronius can equip battery charging systems with the “temperature-controlled charging” feature on request. This means that a temperature sensor is installed between the cells in the cell case.

When charging begins, the innovative Ri charging process records the temperature of the battery and adapts the charging characteristic accordingly. The user also has the opportunity to set limit values for the maximum and minimum temperature of the battery. If the temperature is close to exceeding this limit value, the charger outputs a warning. If the critical temperature is exceeded, the device stops the charging process so that the battery does not become damaged. This increases the service life of the battery and makes the entire forklift truck system substantially more economical.

Keep an eye on your processes with the I-SPoT viewer

Using the I-SPoT Viewer software tool, the user can also analyse every charging process and optimise the process where necessary, for example by extending the charging time. In this way a more gentle charge is established, which in turn extends the service life of the battery. Alternatively, the operator can adapt the charging characteristic on the device easily and flexibly depending on the ambient temperature. This improves the quality of the charging process and guarantees efficient batteries. To the I-SPoT Viewer

The best technology for your traction battery

With the battery charging systems from the Selectiva range, Fronius is offering the best technology for charging lead-acid batteries available on the global market. Our Active Inverter Technology ensures an optimal and gentle charge, while the innovative Ri charging process adapts the charging characteristic to the age, temperature and state of charge of each individual battery. The benefits here are twofold: The service life of your traction batteries is significantly extended and you can dramatically reduce your energy consumption.