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„Time to say Goodbye“ – Farewell Selectiva 2.0


7/22/2020 / Wels

We say thank you and reflect on the Selectiva 2.0’s many successful years. For a long time, this product has provided the highest level of quality and numerous advantages. In order for us to continue to meet your requirements in the best possible way and to ensure you are equipped for the digital future, we are replacing the Selectiva 2.0 with our new Selectiva 4.0 generation of devices.  

The last Selectiva 2.0 will leave the assembly line at our production facility in Austria at the end of August. The best features have been retained and enhancements added to the Selectiva 4.0.

Goodbye Selectiva 2.0

The Selectiva 2.0 was launched in 2013 and has made an essential contribution to supplying forklift trucks around the world with energy efficiently and in an ultra-gentle manner using the Fronius Ri charging process. We look forward to establishing new charging technologies with you as our partner and bid farewell to our beloved Selectiva 2.0.

Produktbild Selectiva 4090

The new Selectiva 4.0

The new Selectiva 4.0 offers you a multitude of new, intelligent features and enhanced options to help make your everyday work even more efficient and effective. The many benefits include:

  • New, additional characteristics for charging CSM and lead crystal batteries efficiently, safely and gently. 
  • Power Charging option: More power, shorter charging times.The new Selectiva 4.0 enables rapid charging and opportunity charging for lead-acid batteries too. Our Power Charging option lets you top up lead-acid batteries that are running low in extra-quick time using rapid or opportunity charging. Short breaks often provide ample opportunity to provide you with the energy needed for your task. 
  • The Cold Logistics option is ideal for cool temperatures and makes provisions for a temperature-related loss of capacity. Benefit from the same performance capability even in cool temperatures, without any loss of performance. 
  • New, higher power categories to provide sufficient power for your forklift truck fleet. 
  • 5-year warranty for all Selectiva 4.0 battery chargers. * 
  • Connectivity ready. Exploit the advantages of a networked charging room.

Prepare for the challenges of the future and get ”connectivity ready” with the Selectiva 4.0. The new Selectiva 4.0 provides everything you will need to connect to our Charge&Connect networking solution. more about Selectiva 4.0