Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Standards-compliant charging stations and rooms

Charging stations and rooms must comply with numerous standards and regulations: a dry, frost-free and cool environment is equally as important as sufficient ventilation and fire and explosion protection measures.

Safety requirements for the charging infrastructure

For you, safety in production and warehouses is paramount? Excellent, because safe and standard-compliant charging of forklift truck traction batteries not only serves to protect your employees, but also reduces the risk of downtime and protects you from expensive liability claims.
CHARGING STATION You can reduce safety-related risks to a minimum thanks to the standards-compliant installation and equipping of the charging station. The central placement of all batteries and use of our battery management system, Cool Battery Guide Easy, enables optimum utilisation.
Battery charging stations in a warehouse
In order to ensure safe charging of the forklift truck traction batteries, various regulations regarding battery charging installations must be observed. On the one hand, minimum distances between the individual charging stations and chargers must be respected, and on the other hand, it is also important to keep a safe distance from storage areas at risk of fire or explosion. In addition, the necessary equipment must include notices and safety markings such as information, warning and prohibition signs. You are not familiar with all the standards and regulations for battery charging stations and lack the know-how for practical implementation? No problem! Our Fronius experts will be happy to help you.

Mimimize risks when charging forklift truck batteries with Fronius

  • Thanks to the fixed installation of the charging plugs
  • By observing the safety distances with standard-compliant floor markings
  • Avoiding oxyhydrogen explosions through correctly dimensioned exhaust systems
  • Through education and training with assessment
  • Through inspection and certification according to EN & ÖNORM

All-round planning of battery charging systems for forklift trucks

Fronius has a high level of expertise in equipping standard-compliant forklift truck charging stations. As a specialist in battery charging technology, we support you right from the planning phase and pay close attention to ensuring that the battery charging infrastructure meets all regulations, from fire and explosion protection to occupational safety. In addition, we offer a broad product portfolio to adapt the battery charging systems to your individual circumstances and requirements.

This includes, for example, charging modules in various sizes, safety and maintenance modules, and battery changing systems for quick and effortless replacement of large traction batteries.

Fronius Project Business

Our experts analyze the actual situation on your site and advise you independently of manufacturers and technologies, with the aim of finding your ideal charging solution. Take advantage of the all-round carefree package consisting of chargers and infrastructure. Regardless of whether the battery charging system is a single charging point, a charging station or a charging room - you receive the entire charging infrastructure for your forklift truck fleet from a single source. We are represented internationally and are therefore also your competent partner with regard to international standards and norms. Benefit from our more than 75 years of experience in battery charging technology.

EnergyHub: Standard-compliant charging solution for outdoor locations

Your existing conditions or safety requirements in the building are not sufficient? No problem, with our EnergyHub you don't have to worry about standards and regulations. We take care of this for you and deliver a standard-compliant charging station for outdoor use from a single source. The mobile battery charging container has standard-compliant ventilation and is both wind- and waterproof. Equipped with non-combustible insulating panels, the EnergyHub can also be supplied as a fireproof version. The Fronius EnergyHub: Flexible, safe and turnkey! More about the EnergyHub