Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Battery Connect The future of battery management

Elevate your battery management to a whole new level

With Battery Connect, you’ll gain complete control over your battery fleet – from transparent handling insights to comprehensive monitoring.

TagID ensures automated data capture, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accurate records. Whether by TagID or manual input, Battery Connect adapts to your needs for a complete overview.

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to an efficient way of managing your batteries.

Transparency that excites
Identify events and treatments to clear insight into equipment handling. Whether it’s duration of use, current status or past incidents – you always know exactely what’s going on in your battery fleet.
Real-time Inventory Overview
Battery Connect allows you to check the use of your batteries at any time. Identify problematic behaviour during charging and ensure continuous and save operations.
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Optimized Maintenance and Support
Battery Connect identifies batteries that exhibit faulty behaviour during charging. This enables you to quickly take appropriate action and minimise unplanned outages.

Your partner for battery management  

Battery Connect not only provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of your batteries, but also enables efficient battery management. From reassigning TagIDs to simple master data maintenance, we ensure that you are always in control. Whether you’re a business with large charging infrastructure or an extensive battery fleet, Battery Connect is designed to meet your needs.

Experience the future of battery management with Battery Connect – optimized, transparent and efficient.


Enhance the performance of your charging stations and make well-informed decisions through the innovative reporting solution offered by Fronius Charge & Connect. 

Clarity at a Glance

  • Effortlessly Visualization

In one view the most essential operational parameters are visualized.

  • Efficient Budget Planning

The provided meaningful parameters facilitate budget planning considerably. You can make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently.


Maximizing Optimization Potential 

Our reporting not only presents the current status of your charging infrastructure but also identifies areas with optimization potential. This empowers you to take targeted actions to further enhance performance and efficiency.


Achieving Sustainability Goals 

Actively contribute to reaching your sustainability goals. Our reporting helps you review progress and identify additional measures to improve and reah your sustainability goals.



Our intelligent reports allow you always to customise the timeframe for your reports – be it one-off, half-yearly, quarterly, or annually.
Determine who gets access to the reports and share relevant information effortlessly at the touch of a button. Take your charging infrastructure to the next level.

Leverage the power of data to make astute decisions and shape an efficient, sustainable future.

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