Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Charge & Connect Load Balancing

Saving energy costs in a cost-efficient, easy and flexible way

Do you want to ensure the necessary availability of your electric forklift fleet with the most stable power supply possible and low energy costs? With Charge & Connect Load Balancing, you can now take it into your own hands.

It has never been easier to keep the base load of your charging infrastructure as constant as possible and to smooth out power peaks. Charge & Connect - Load Balancing helps to sustainably reduce your energy costs when charging your lead-acid batteries. The best thing about it: You set your charging parameters including start and end time - Charge & Connect - Load Balancing takes care of everything else for you.

Harmonising current peaks with load balancing

Load Balancing allows you to harmonise the load profile of your charging infrastructure while ensuring the availability of your battery pool. The feature can be activated easily in the Charge & Connect portal. You don't have to be a charging expert to benefit from sustainable energy cost savings. Charge & Connect - Load Balancing is your effective tool for continuously smoothing peak loads.

Individual and easy

Once you have activated Load Balancing in the Charge & Connect portal, you define your shift model and the required battery pool availability in the portal. This optimises your energy costs and ensures that the ideal number of batteries is always fully charged. All operational processes remain unchanged. If your requirements change over time or additional charging stations are installed, you can adjust this in the portal at any time.

Smartly solved

The basis is our intelligent charging algorithm, which continuously analyses the current situation of your charging infrastructure based on the parameters you have entered. The algorithm determines how to charge the fleet at full availability in the most energy-efficient way. Be it through stretching, staggering or a combination of both - the charging algorithm automatically chooses the best solution to balance your power peaks.

You can fully focus on your main task since the ideal load balancing option runs automatically. This saves valuable time and resources.

Your advantages at a glance

Save energy costs sustainably

No interference in existing processes

Individually tailored to your requirements

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