Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Charge & Connect PV Connect intelligent and sustainable energy cost saving

Charging your forklift fleet cost-efficient and green

Companies today are confronted with rising electricity prices and increasingly stricter environmental regulations. Consequently, these higher energy costs represent major financial burden. Charge & Connect offers an intelligent solution operating your own forklift fleet cost-efficiently and green.

Reliable. Sustainable. Economic.

Just one click away: the optimal use of your own solar energy to charge your forklift fleet.

With PV Connect - the innovative new function in the Fronius Charge & Connect portal - you can sustainably reduce your energy costs and continuously optimize your own energy consumption.

The PV yield forecast together with the intelligent load balancing charging algorithm supplies you with all the information you need to intelligently plan your energy consumption and harness the majority of the PV electricity you generate for charging your forklifts.

The PV Connect function can be easily activated by connecting your Fronius charging systems to Charge & Connect, your photovoltaic system and your inverter.


PV Connect can together with the Charge & Connect feature load balancing be activated in the Charge & Connect portal. It helps you enabling you increase your rate of self-consumption and cut your energy bills through greater independence from the grid.  In this way, solar energy can be optimally or maximally used to charge your forklift fleet.  

Your advantages:

  • Predicting your PV production, use PV yield forecasts to increase your rate of self-consumption in combination with Fronius Solar.web Premium feature
  • Your benefits: continuously save energy costs, reduce peak loads and become less dependent on the electricity provider

Optimal use of solar energy

Sustainably reduced energy costs

Cutting your energy bills and reducing your energy costs

Instead of purchasing expensive electricity from the grid, primarily self-produced, renewable solar energy is used to charge your forklift fleet. This reduces energy costs and makes a significant contribution to greater sustainability in the company.

CO₂ reduction

Valuable contribution to decarbonization and CO2 reduction

Using your own solar energy allows you to reduce both your ecological footprint and the cost of CO₂ emission compensation. You also make a valuable contribution to become more sustainable.

Increase in energy efficiency and ongoing optimization of self-consumption

Optimum planning and timing of charging using solar energy

Ongoing self-consumption optimization has never been easier. Benefit from weather and PV yield forecasts and thus optimize the performance and efficiency of your intralogistics.

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